Frequently Asked Questions

How long am I signing up for?

It is up to you. FrippVT is subscription-based. There is no contract, and individual subscribers pay each month. Our secure payment system will remind you in advance that your card will be charged or needs to be updated. You can close your account when you have received the help you need. When companies pay for their associates, they usually pay for a year in advance. Many of our members have kept their memberships for years. They enjoy having access to help when they need it.

After I have enjoyed FrippVT, do you have other online programs that I can try?

Yes, many of our members switch their memberships to FrippVT Live which gives them access to 11 live presentations in digestible segments like FrippVT.

Will I receive a discount if my team wants access to FrippVT?

Yes. Talk to Patricia Fripp about FrippVT Corporate Packages; the more members, the lower the per-person cost. Also, if you are engaging Patricia for in-person training as part of your company development, your FrippVT memberships can be part of that project.

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Can we hire Patricia Fripp to deliver in-person training on sales and presentation skills?

Yes, many of our best clients combine in-person training with reinforcement from FrippVT.

Do you constantly update the content?

Yes. Not only can you enjoy the interactive courses, but you can also benefit from webinar interviews with experts in the areas of sales and presentations. For easy viewing, they are cut into 20-minute segments. You will also have access to the library of our best FrippVT User Meetings.

Do I have access to Patricia Fripp?

As part of your subscription, you can ask questions in the user meetings that will be answered live. Also, you’ll have direct priority response from Patricia via email. Special consideration is given to FrippVT members who require personal coaching.

What do I do if I have a technical problem?

First, clear your cache and reboot. If you still have a problem, email, (478) 954-7285, and copy, (415) 753-6556.

Can I receive continuing education credits with FrippVT?

Yes, XTRAcredits for professional accreditation can be obtained in association with a governing body.

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